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Marketing Team – About Us

Our Digital Marketing Team

Our Marketing Team is composed of experienced marketing professionals available to support your company’s businesses and marketing goals in a time and cost-effective manner.​

Marketing is an ongoing process and is a vital part of growing your business and of developing a meaningful brand. Starting a new business can be a little tricky and overwhelming at times without the right marketing team in place. Experience and collaborative support towards common goals should be both productive and enjoyable!​

We make sure to maximize your marketing resources and focus our marketing efforts in the right areas to provide positive and measurable results​ We make sure to maximize your marketing resources and focus our marketing efforts in the right areas to provide positive and measurable results​ We make sure to maximize your marketing resources and focus our marketing efforts in the right areas to provide positive and measurable results​

Every marketing plan we create is custom-built for each business and is designed based on specific industry insights and measurable data. We understand the modern marketing mix and how to incorporate it into the evolving marketing strategies needed for your online growth and success. ​

We provide simplified marketing solutions, transparent reporting, and clear answers to ALL of your marketing questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or schedule a qualifying call. ​

About Our Marketing Team

Our Mission at Everyday Marketing Services

We aim to develop and implement the best marketing solutions for your business.

We are passionate about everything marketing and use our experience to strategically build businesses online while providing the highest level of customer service.

We strive to make all of our online marketing efforts enjoyable for our clients.

Digital Marketing Company - What We DO

We DO believe in hard work and building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients.

We DO provide answers to ALL of your questions.

We DO provide clear and transparent reporting as well as ongoing support.

We DO encourage and help our clients generate 5-star reviews.

We DO track all progress to highlight the importance and value of strong marketing solutions.

We do NOT believe in making false promises or setting unrealistic goals and expectations.

We do NOT sell ‘’magical solutions” or ‘’secret sauces’’ and details that we cannot share with you… 

You can expect positive experiences, results, and all the marketing support you always wanted when working with Everyday Marketing Services

Digital Solutions Simplified - Why Work With Us

At Everyday Marketing Services we practice what we preach and have digital marketing experts in each area of the digital marketing services that we provide. ​

Marketing is meant to be fun, if you are not utilizing modem marketing tactics for your business you are most likely limiting your brand presence and growth opportunities.​

Making a few fundamental adjustments can turn things around and generate positive results that will allow you to feel good about your marketing efforts and team overall. ​

If you are uncertain or even frustrated by your current marketing efforts, it is most likely due to using outdated or unclear strategies that come with a lack of tracking and accountability.

Making a few fundamental adjustments can turn things around and generate positive results that will allow you to feel good about your overall marketing efforts. ​

We offer free marketing audits and consultations to get you on the right marketing track. Schedule a Marketing Call with a Specialist today!

More About Our Digital Marketing Experts

Dave - Founder: Business & Marketing Consultant

Dave is an experienced Business & Marketing Consultant with a demonstrated history in brand development and helping businesses identify and employ ideal strategies to attain their desired marketing and business goals.

Skilled in Marketing Strategy and Consultancy, his in depth analysis and strategic recommendations provide clarity and maximizes marketing ressources. Positive results and client satisfaction are always a top priority.

His business marketing management background helps both new and existing businesses maximize their online presence by generating growth, improving brand awareness, and overall marketing efforts.

Translating complex data and marketing terminologies into easy to understand reports and presentations for non-marketing professionals and business owners is something he truly enjoys. All questions are welcomed!

David Perron at Google Headquarter in Toronto

Joe - Lead Webmaster: Experienced Full Stack Developer

Joe, often referred to as G.I Joe is a blackbelt in BJJ and everything website related.
He has over 10 years of experience as a Website Developer and Graphic Designer making it difficult to track how many websites he has brought to life under his Webmaster’s Blackbelt.
He began building websites for fun over a decade ago and has never stopped since... His website projects kept growing in volumes and size and he now manages an entire team and his own website development company.

From small simple websites to large and complex ones, Joe always makes sure that things are done right both visually and behind the scenes within the code where it really matters. He is also great at helping us non-web developers understand the process and purpose of beautiful websites.


Aman - Sem Lead: Online Advertising Specialist


Managing million-dollar advertising budgets is more fun than intimidating for an experienced Performance Marketing Specialist like Aman who understands all the intricacies of SEM,PPC and can continuously deliver great results.. Working with world-famous brands like Heineken provides flexibility and hands-on experience that very few SEM Marketing specialists possess.

Certified by Google and regularly juggling marketing budgets we wish we had...we can always trust Aman’s recommendations and strategies to provide a favorable ROI on various platforms.


Mike - Seo Lead: Content creator & Seo Specialist
A seasoned SEO specialist will approach content creation and SEO strategies creatively to get brands and content noticed. Mike has been creating valuable content for over 15 years and knows all the intricacies of Seo as they continue to evolve. The basics are always useful but with increased competition, changing algorithms and optimization methods for both on and off-page results, it is always nice to have a Seo expert with a clear strategy on your team.

Nicole - Social Expert: Social Media Manager
Social Media is fun, exciting, and a great way to build new and existing brands. Nicole loves all aspects of Social Media Marketing and loves creating solid content calendars and campaigns to help increase engagement with your target audience.
Get Social on the right social platforms to attract the right clientele with clear and clever messaging. Don’t let Social Media intimidate you but have fun with it instead. Allow Nicole to effortlessly create a tailored Social Media plan for your business today!