Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Understand How Digital Marketing Helps Online Visibility and Growth .

Digital Marketing services can be a vague topic as it can really cover a wide array of services that can differ greatly from eachother,

Firstly, here is a funny story that happened to me years ago: My friend once asked me what I did for work, to which I replied: Marketing Stuff! His response was: Marketing? So, you make signs? We shared a laugh as I realized how vague my answer was as it did not provide great clarity to his question.

Digital Marketing Services

The reason I share this story is that I realized that during my initial consultations with business owners, over 80% of the time, they are uncertain about 2 things: Their Marketing Budget (1) and which Digital Marketing Services (2) they actually need . These are not simple one word answers, but the biggest and most common mistakes I see business owners make stems directly from the lack or understanding of these 2 essential marketing pillars.

Insufficient marketing budgets or inexperienced marketing team usually results in frustrating or costly and uneventful marketing efforts.

Successful marketing solutions are quite enjoyable and combine the proper strategic planning, budgeting and implementation of the ideal marketing services,strategies and platforms for your businesses specific marketing goals.

1. Marketing Budgets will vary based on industries, competition and much more...​

Not allocating a sufficient budget to your marketing efforts is just as bad as not having one at all! Many marketing companies will agree with your estimated marketing budget to gain new customers which is a losing battle. Marketing budgets should be carefully calculated to ensure they meet the minimal requirements to compete within a specific sector before implementing any marketing services at all. These calculations include statistics from your business itself., relevant competitive metrics; search volumes, cost per click, geographic coverage and advertising costs on various platforms.

2. Specific Digital Marketing Services - Where to start!​

Your business may only need minimal marketing support if you already have a good marketing and team in place. You might be on your own, busy running your business and have no marketing team in place at all…You may be looking for all the marketing support you can get or just want to make sure your efforts are in the ideal marketing channels and done properly. Identifying your marketing budget is the first step in figuring out which marketing services you actually need (or can afford) and will be the most beneficial for your business for now. You can always increase your marketing efforts over time as needed,

What is Marketing? This is not a silly question at all!

Marketing is the process of getting people and potential prospects familiarized and interested in your products, services and overall brand. Digital Marketing is about getting people's attention while online via one or multiple digital platforms they may be using

  • You may have the greatest product in the world, but without customers, there is no success!
  • You can invest a fortune in marketing services, but if your marketing efforts are misguided or you do not offer a good service or product, your business will most likely fail.

All successful businesses have a good balance between all aspects of the business from identifying your target market, product development, distribution, sales, operations and support, marketing and most importantly customer satisfaction.

Search Engine Marketing - SEM

This type of marketing is much different than SEO, which is described below. Businesses pay search engines to place links on pages of its index that get high exposure to their audience. (Also referred to as PPC "Pay-Per-Click")

Search Engine Marketing & Pay-Per-Click Advertising is referred to as: SEM & PPC Advertising

These digital marketing services focus on being found on the first or 2nd page of Search Engines. As described in the SEO details, increasing your ‘organic’ ranking can take months and is a long term strategy. Search Engine Marketing is for short term results. With PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click) we can pay Google in exchange for visibility on their first pages where we know there is traffic (potential clients).

This process consists of creating ads in Google Adwords to promote any type of business or services in exchange of a dollar amount for every ‘’click’’. So for every Click on your advertisement, we Pay Google in exchange for great visibility to potential customers. The Cost-Per-Click can vary from only .50 cents to over $50 dollars, it really depends on your industry and its competition. It is essential to understand search volumes, competition and related costs (Ad Budget) before trying paid advertising like SEM & PPC. There are many important variables that need to be understood in order to be successful with paid advertising campaigns and avoid a costly learning curve. 

– Feel free to Book A Consultation if you have any SEM questions and are wondering what is a reasonable Ad Budget to get started for your Business)

SEO - Search Engine Optimization​

SEO – Search Engine Optimization | Website traffic is always the goal when businesses are hoping to acquire new customers online. Organic website traffic refers to people doing online research and they ‘organically’ come across your website and become a website ‘visitor’. If you are not on pages 1 or 2 of Google, you are pretty much invisible to search engines and potential clients. Optimizing your website for relevant keywords is how we get websites to rank better and receive more traffic and visitors. You will see the term ‘organic’ alot in relation to SEO and online marketing. SEO is a long term marketing strategy since it can take several months before your rank on the first page of Google. Seo marketing strategies and results will vary based on your geographic location, your specific industry and services and related competition. SEO is the opposite of ‘paid traffic’ which relates to SEM & Paid Advertising.

Blog and Content Marketing​

Everyone enjoys reading informational content about topics they are interested in. Regularly creating quality blogs and content about your businesses services is a great way to attract like minded individuals. It is very common these days for people to do their own research and search online for products, services, tips and tricks for pretty much anything. The more ‘’useful’’ and ‘’optimised’’ content you create, the more chances of your website being recognized by a potential customer thanks to Google or any search engines for that matter. Your next website visitor may be your next big client. Google likes to reward websites that stay active and continually provide new relevant information relevant to their industry. If you are not creating new content, your competitors may be outranking you soon if they aren't already! Blogging and content creation is an important part of our Search Engine Optimization Marketing Services.

Social Media Marketing

Are you on Social? With so many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, it can get confusing sometimes trying to figure out where to position and promote your brand. Social Media Marketing can be a great way to reach your target audience and let them know about your business. Certain social networks can be very cost effective in acquiring new clients for a business and not be worthwhile for another. It is important to identify your industry’s target audience before simply jumping onto social networks because you think it is simply what you should do. Understanding the difference between being ‘’on Social’’ and Social Media Marketing is a great starting point. Are you hoping to build brand awareness or generate new clients? Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool in reaching these marketing goals.

Video Marketing

Videos have continued gaining a lot of popularity and momentum over the past few years. Over 80% of businesses have incorporated videos into their marketing plans. This is due to the fact that videos are a great way of not only conveying a message to specific consumers, but helps them actually retain the message much easier. People tend to retain 95% of a video message compared to only 10% retention when only reading a message. Most consumers have short attention spans and consume their information very quickly before moving on. This is why mobile video marketing and consumption has been increasing by 100% every year and is still on the rise.

Marketing Strategy

With so many different marketing services and platforms having the right Marketing Strategy has never been more important. Marketing Strategy is how businesses can exploit ideal marketing channels to Promote their services and grow their brand, client base or both! Every marketing service requires its own attention, strategy and resources. Make sure to employ specific marketing strategies that are conducive to maximizing your investments and produce the best results for your business. Take the uncertainty out of your marketing plans and Contact Us and book a strategy call with a marketing specialists today.