Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Overview:

How to utilize Social Media Marketing and gain fans and clients along the way

The world of Social Media Marketing is huge, ever-evolving trends with seemingly new platforms emerging every month. Here is a brief overview of Social Media Marketing (SMM) and how it can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Symbols

There are certainly Social Media giants out there for various kinds of marketing purposes. We all know Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but you are not limited to these social platforms to promote your business.

Every Social Media Platform has different functionalities and ways to target and reach your intended viewers. There are plenty of ways you can market your business online that makes sense, are fun, and won’t break the bank. Just make sure you spend your time, money and efforts on the Right Social Media Platforms for your particular business,

You can reach a wide audience on Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Tumblr, Medium, Snapchat, and the latest social phenomenon TikTok.

All of these platforms offer seamless ways to conduct your social media marketing campaign to reach the masses or your target audience.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing

The art of social media marketing involves creating an engaging content strategy that targets a specific audience and will increase the awareness, reputation and engagement rate of a specific product, service or brand.

New social media platforms continue to emerge on a regular basis which increases the ways companies or individuals can market and promote themselves online in new creative and unique ways.

Each social platform offers its own set of unique features and benefits that can complement each other or present similar data in a slightly different way that can produce very different results. To truly implement successful social marketing campaigns, you need to understand what every platform does best in order to employ it to its fullest capacity and obtain favorable results.

Having a successful social campaign on one platform does not guarantee its success on another. This also varies from one industry to the next as certain SMM strategies can work extremely well for one industry and yield great conversion rates and results but not even be recommended for a different industry.

For example, LinkedIn is a great way to target business professionals by industry and their respectful position. Facebook, on the other hand, uses a broader combination of data including demographics, geographic location, likes, and interests to name a few. These details combined from unique audiences that can vary greatly depending on the products and services we are promoting thus specifically impacting the tone and optimal way the information should be presented.

Understanding these metrics and who your intended prospects are allows us be present and promote brands and services in ideal ways that can differ from one channel to another. Always start with the best Social Media channel for your business and you can add additional ones as you progress.

Don’t waste time, energy and resources, and social platforms that do not correlate with your overall business and marketing goals. Choosing the wrong Social Media platform and strategies can results in little to no results which is always frustrating.

Follow Social Media Trends

Social media trends come and go and so make sure to stay alert and capitalize on them while they are hot. Trends can be used to raise awareness and funds for an important cause or be silly and fun and purely for entertainment purposes. Either way, social media trends are great ways to expand your reach and brand awareness at little to no costs while they last. Online trends can gain a lot of momentum and popularity overnight and get shared millions of times. The duration and popularity of any given trend correlated with its interaction with the online world and can vary from a few days to several months

Social Media trends are everchanging and continually evolving. Certain trends, campaigns, and strategies may work amazingly well one month and fall flat the next. Always keep tabs on your data and metrics to avoid unexpected surprises.

Lil Nas X in cowboy hat

A great example of a Social Media Trend is when relatively unknown rapper Lil Nas X gained overnight stardom back in 2019 thanks to his new song Old Town Road that went viral thanks to TikTok. His song and dances were trending for months and gained a ton of popularity thanks to social media and how easy it is to make videos and posts for everyone to see.

Below is an image of Google Trends representing the rapid increase in popularity of the song and artist as well as its duration. The peak of this trend lasted approximately 6 months but it impacted millions overnight and launched Lil Nas X career seemingly overnight making him an instant star.


No matter the method or the trend, find a way to engage with your target audience to initiate interaction. When people appreciate your message, services or products, they may develop brand loyalty.

Be Unique, Be Different And Creative On ALL Social Media Channels

The freedom in social media marketing is in the fact that you can basically create and share your own brand messaging with thousands of users very quickly.

Brands that stand out and differentiate themselves tend to get more recognition since viewers have short attention spans and need something new to captivate them.

People are constantly being bombarded with a multitude of ads on every platform they use so it is an ongoing challenge to stand out from your competitors. Be consistently creative with your social media marketing and make sure you promote your brand to the right people to build a successful brand over time.

Social Media Marketing Packages


Intro SMM

Gotta Start Somewhere...
$375 MonthLY
  • 1 Unique Post/Week
  • 2 channels & Stories
  • Likes, Comments & Shares
  • Hashtag Strategy for Impressions
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Social Account(s) Creation
  • Clear Monthly Reports & Updates
  • Dedicated SMM Specialist

Booster SMM

Getting Social
$699 MonthlY
  • 2 Unique Posts/Week
  • Stories & 3-4 Channels
  • Likes, Comments & Shares
  • Hashtag Strategy for Impressions
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Social Account(s) Creation
  • Clear Monthly Reports & Updates
  • Dedicated SMM Specialist
  • Strategy Call & Monthly Updates


Social Butterfly
$1125 Monthly
  • 4+ Unique Posts/Week
  • Stories & 4+ Channels
  • Likes, Comments & Shares
  • Hashtag Strategy for Impressions
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Social Account Creation + optimization
  • Holistic SMM Strategy for All channels
  • Clear Monthly Reports & Updates
  • Dedicated SMM Specialist
  • Strategy Call & Monthly Updates​