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Web development is an extremely important part of your business because it is the first point of contact for people to get to know you, what you're all about and ultimately if they can trust you.

In this digital era and especially in competitive industries, it is only natural to shop around and do some good old fashion online research. Potential client s want to want to know the following:

  • Who are you exactly and can you be trusted?
  • What services do you offer and how much do they cost?
  • How long will it take to get the job done compared to your competitors?
  • Will they get good value for what they are paying and be a satisfied customer?

These are all great questions that can easily be answered doing a minimal amount of online research. Consumers are getting smarter and more resourceful and will do some online research in order to find companies that can meet their needs. If you do not have a website or it is not on pages 1 or 2 of Google, you are definitely missing out on potential business.

Websites do not attract new clients:
We have all heard of the expression: You only have one chance to make a first impression right? This is very relevant for websites since a website is like a digital business card for people looking to learn more about you and your business . If your business card or website does not provide much useful information, this significantly lowers the chances of generating any interest or receiving a phone call inquiry.

If you own a website that doesn't provide the information that someone is looking for, they may get frustrated and leave your website to visit your competitors. Furthermore, lacking nice images with relevant descriptions or having a slow, glitchy or non mobile friendly website have all proven to dramatically increase your bounce rate.

The majority of people that come across your website online by ‘organic traffic’ most likely have no idea who YOU are but are interested in the services that you provide. This is why understanding the importance of SEO Services before launching your website may come in handy in the long term.

Web Developers can build beautiful user-friendly, informative and responsive websites for any type of businesses. Web developers are expert programmers with advanced coding skills that use complex software languages, web servers and databases to build frameworks that end users like you and I, can easily interact with.

*The majority of web developers and web design agencies focus solely on web development and design. Talk to a Digital Marketing Specialist for more information regarding how a website can help promote your business online.

Most Web Developers are NOT digital marketers and Seo specialists. It is important for business owners to understand these differences and that buying a NEW website does NOT normally include additional marketing services.

A web developer builds a website’s framework using software

If the purpose of building a new website is to gain online visibility, build a brand or potentially attract new clients, it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself with the various marketing services available to complement your website and your overall marketing goals

Having a nice website is an essential part of your business if you aim to have any type of online presence.

A common misconception of business owners is that Investing significant resources into the development of a beautiful new website will guarantee that people will actually see your website and become a customer. This could not be more inaccurate. Building a website is the first step in having a digital presence but it unfortunately does not come with tons of traffic and website visitors.

Promoting your website and getting visitors.

There are many strategies and marketing services that can make sure that people see your beautiful website. At Everyday Marketing Services, we not only build beautiful websites but offer customized marketing solutions to ensure your desired marketing goals are met. We offer a free marketing consultation to all business that have any questions about our marketing services.

People often get excited to launch a new website and three six months later realize that they're not getting much website traffic and that's when they discover the importance of SEO, SEM and SMM to promote your website and generate some desired traffic to it. Make sure that you have a solid marketing strategy before launching any website if you aim to use it as a marketing tool to attract new clientele.

Web Development Process:

The web development process typically ranges between 3-6 weeks depending on your needs. A few important factors to consider are:

1. Do you need a completely new website from scratch? If this is the case, we need to know what is needed and plan accordingly: Content, Images, Logo, Everything?

2. Do you have an existing website, but it is old, outdated and it is time for a complete revamp?
Not a problem, already having a website provides us with many answers needed to map out the new website development project.

3. Do you have a website but are not sure if it is doing a good job or not?
Not to worry, this is a pretty typical question when your website is not generating many leads or you rarely look at your Google Analytics Statistics. We can provide these answers for you once you send us your business URL. (link to intake from)

Once these questions are answered we can map out a clear website development plan and timeline.

Always put yourself in your customers shoes. If you visited your own website looking would it be easy for you to find the information that you are looking for?
We build highly converting websites that are user and SEO friendly, which increases your chances of gaining new customers.
Our experts simplify the web development process so you can keep managing your business. Website are a powerful marketing tool so make sure yours is doing its job!