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SEO Marketing: What you need to know about Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization This is a fancy way of saying that your website needs to be “optimized

 in order to be recognized and found by Search Engines (SERP’s), which most of us would simply refer to as GOOGLE or ONLINE.  Google is the most popular and trusted Search Engine that most people will use to do their online research and hope to find the most relevant information to a particular query. There are other search engines besides Google to consider but it is a great starting point and is what the majority of researchers use. 

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Search Engine Results Pages: Simplified

SERP’sstands for Search Engine Results Pages and is an important concept to understand if you are considering investing in SEO services for your business. Statistics show that  93% of online searches start with a search engine. This means that most people, internet users, your potential clients will use Google as a research tool to find out relevant information about business and services they are interested in. 

Ranking On The First Page of Google is NO Accident!

If your website is not on the first or second page of Google, chances are that it will not be found by the people doing online research, even if they are looking for the services you provide.

  • Approximately 92% of people will never make it past the first page of Google

  • The first pages are where you want your website to rank and how you will get the most online visibility and traffic for your business.

  • It is important to understand that if you’re not on page one or two of SERP’s, this is a major reason not much organic traffic is generated to your website.

It is all about data and statistics when it comes to your online presence and digital marketing. Your website’s rankings will not improve much over time without a specific SEO Marketing Strategy and ongoing Search Engine Optimization efforts. You may notice some of your competitors outranking you, this is likely due to them engaging in SEO Marketing actively optimizing their website.

Local SEO Services Attracts Local Traffic

Local SEO refers to the process of ‘optimizing’ the online presence of your company to attract new business from those searching for your services within a specific geographic location. Search Engines are incredibly smart and know where you are physically and want to provide you some good options that are nearby. If you just moved to town and are looking online for a new dentist and type into Google: Dentist Near Me, you would most likely get annoyed if the results and suggestions from Google or any search engines were over an hour’s drive from your new location right? This is why local SEO Marketing is so important in order for your website and business to rank locally on both your Google My Business Page and on the first pages of search engines.

Google Analytics: Track Your SEO Progress And What Is Working Well

Another important aspect of SEO is tracking your progress. If you do not know how many people are coming to your website on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, how can you gauge your levels of success? In order to make improvements, is it essential to track your progress over time and have measurable benchmarks and data pertaining to your business and its website? Introducing the best friend you never knew you had: Google Analytics! Google Analytics is an invaluable tool that provides data and statistical insights on the behavior of your website visitors. If you have a website and want to have good online visibility, you must have Google Analytics installed in order to gather important data over time. Otherwise, there is, unfortunately, no data to analyze and this makes it much more difficult to identify problematic areas and the marketing strategies and solutions needed to reach your marketing goals. Google Analytics tells us exactly how many users visited your website, which pages they visited, how much time was spent on each page, what keywords attracted them to your website…These are just a few highlights about Google Analytics, the list of benefits goes on. Just make sure you have this installed or let us know HERE if you need any assistance.

Search Engine Optimization: Content is King

When it comes to SEO and search engine optimization, you will often hear that: Content is King. This refers to the importance of providing high-quality informational content on your website that describes the services you offer. If your business offers five or more services, it is important to create separate service pages so each of them can be found easily by search engines. Not creating an independent SEO friendly business service page is a very common mistake and unfortunately makes it difficult for Google and search engines to recognize them. Not having separately optimized pages on your website can hinder your keyword rankings and related website traffic. If your website and its pages are not being crawled and deemed useful by search engines, they will not improve in rankings.

Valuable Content is King, not ALL content!

The more pages you have the better if they are properly optimized and letting Google know specifically the services that you offer. Make sure each page on your website is informative and provides clear value in regard to each service or product you offer. Identify your services and keywords of priority and make sure that those are the ones that we begin ranking for within your vicinity and then continue the SEO progress from there. 

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy

It is important to understand that ranking on the first page of Google can take months and is a long term strategy. We must analyze the industry in question, the geographical location, competition, and amount of services you would like to rank for in order to create a successful SEO strategy and plan. That being said, it is very exciting to observe progress once our SEO efforts begin to have a positive effect on our websites and their overall rankings. If you own or manage a business and have any SEO Marketing questions and would like a free SEO Audit, make sure to contact us today!

What Our Clients Say.


Moe R.

We love working with Dave at Everyday Marketing Services! He's always very responsive and strike the perfect balance between coaching us on what he think will drive the best results for our N.BAR beauty nail salon while also being open to our ideas. We appreciate that he doesn't over-sell us, but give his honest perspective on which marketing efforts he think will yield the best results. Dave is great at marketing and an absolute great guy to work with!


Jeff B.

So I was blessed to meet Dave from Everyday Marketing services .I had been dealing with a different Marketing Company and was left on the sidelines with no attention to my business . Dave immediately saw several issues I was having and like a pitbull he literally put his head down and would not quit until all the kinks were worked out. He is great to deal with and his knowledge of SEO and what is needed to get my business recognized and look professional is beyond what I expected . I am finally able to trust that things are going to be moving in the right direction with Dave helping me.


Simon D.

Dave has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Got me ranked on the 1st page of google and and defined my seo strategy and branding. Very hands on and does a great job explaining things in an easy way to understand. He does more than just page optimization and has helped me get my brand on track from the ground up and market my content in a way that will get traffic to my business!

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